7 comments on “[6D] I Finally Got The HTC Amaze 4G!

  1. Pretty cool stuff, I wasn’t a huge HTC fan to begin with but I recognize there are really great qualities that the phone possesses that compliments the Android operating system <– to which i am a large fan!

  2. Wow, I love the features of the camera on this phone. I’ve been using the Iphone4 to take a lot pics but ever since I upgraded to the iOS5 I feel like the camera isn’t the same. Or maybe its because I dropped it in a bowl of spaghetti. Who knows. Lol. Any who. It’s good to include all these amazing features especially for those interested in photography.

  3. I really enjoyed this article, it gave me a lot of insight on this HTC. I’m a sony ericsson user but its great to see what other android phones are up to these days!

  4. I’ve heard that using Advanced Task Killer can drain your battery even more. The native Android task manager is good and it does well to manage tasks. If you interfere with it too much, it can actually cause problems.

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